Efrat Alony

one of the most important voices in German jazz

Efrat Alony's exceptional voice and remarkable compostions made her to one of "the most important voices in the German jazz scene". She writes poetical textes and melts sound-elements rooted in folk and electronic music - with the freedom of jazz. 

The artist

The Israeli singer and composer Efrat Alony has been fascinating the European audience and press for years- ever since her arrival in Berlin.  

Expressive and urgent in her compositions, vulnerable - almost thin-skined in her prose, and unmistakably unique in her agile, warm sound and style of singing-alway on the search for new paths- Efrat was crowned "one of the most important voices in the the german jazz scene" 


The trio's new CD (a co-production with the Berlin Radio RBB) will be released on Enja Records , March 2012. 



Born in Haifa, Israel, singer Efrat Alony studied composition, arranging, jazz and classical singing in Israel, Germany and the U.S.,with additional lessons from the likes of Joe Lovano, Bob Brookmeyer and Steve Gray. Efrat was a featured composer and soloist with many renowned big bands such as the Sunday Night Orchestra (CD “Overcast”, 2008), the Jazz Orchestra of the Concertgebouw (Amsterdam) or the Radio Big Band Frankfurt (HR-Bigband). In 2006 she was awarded the Jazz Performance Prize of the Karl Hofer Society and the Jazz Institute Berlin. In 2008 as well as in 2010 she received the City of Berlin Jazz Award and in 2009 the International Jazz Award of “Nürnberger Nachrichten”.In 2010 she was nominated for the BMW World Jazz Award. In 2009 she released her forth CD "Dismantling Dreams" on Enja Records.