Shauli Einav

Hi quartet [...]impresses with great virtuosity,

"When playing your instrument you should have a clear, explicit and honest message. It is like making a speech about a subject: you have to say something essential in order to inspire audiences." And Shauli inspires his audience with an "incomparable sound", technical finesse and beautiful melodies.  

Beam Me Up - in his latest CD Shauli Einav displays technical brilliance and a gloriusly lush sound.


For inspiration he has dipped into classical music – in this case Visions Fugitive by the Russian composer Sergei Prokofiev. “I love his music, explains Shauli. “The melodies are so dissonant, with much use of dissonant intervals and unexpected harmonies. He makes them so digestible, with great rhythm and great harmony. Even if you hear Peter and the Wolf, the melodies are quite dissonant, but it sounds so singable, because he is a genius.” 


"Beam Me Up" ist the best publicity for the young spirit of nowadays jazz." (Fono Forum) 


Shauli Einav is a 3 times ASCAP "Young Jazz Composer Award" recepient. This album features again Paul Lay on piano and the French bassist Florent Nisse and this tme Gautier Garrogue on drums. 

Shauli Einav

Born in Israel on July 1, 1982, Einav received his bachelors degree from the Jerusalem Academy of Music and a masters degree from the Eastman School of Music in Rochester, New York. He moved to New York City in the summer of 2008 and began making a dent on the jazz scene. Through fellow Israeli musicians who had already had a strong foothold in the Big Apple, like bassists Omer Avital and Avishai Cohen, and by performing and hanging at jazz clubs like Small’s and Fat Cat, Shauli made invaluable connections that led to innumerable gigs.  


Since 2012 Shauli lives and works in Paris.