Efrat Alony

a kit for mending thoughts

The singer/songwriter Efrat Alony stands at the heart of this remarkable trio, which regards jazz as a medium, within it can move freely - a framework without boundaries - open for excursions to rock and electronics 

Efrat Alony

The Israeli singer and composer Efrat Alony has been fascinating the European audience and press for years- ever since her arrival in Berlin.  

Expressive and urgent in her compositions, vulnerable - almost thin-skined in her prose, and unmistakably unique in her agile, warm sound and style of singing-alway on the search for new paths- Efrat was crowned "one of the most important voices in the the german jazz scene" 


In Alony's new project- devoted to the mixture between Alony's exceptional voice , Leicht's clarinets and Wingold's guitars- they take on a new “sound-edventure”: with a framework-that is without boundaries - open for excursions to rock and electronics. Their popular art-songs and imaginary folksongs paint a fascinating mosaic, reflecting on a wide range of emotions, creating a "cinema for the ear", diving into the endless depth of improvisation. 


Guided with the curiosity for the unorthodox and the unknown, as well as a great subtlety and finesse, with the serenity - to question - and the repose - to try and answer, this trio bewitches the listener. It is best portrayed by Doug Ramsey's (Artsjournal): "I'm not sure that there is a category for what Alony does. I'm not sure that there should be. Call it music.“  


Efrat Alony-voc,keys, electronics  

Oliver Leicht- cl, electronics  

Frank Wingold- git.  

Jörg Surrey- sound design 


Alony' new CD (a co-production with the Berlin Radio RBB) will be released on Enja Records , November 2012