Efrat Alony

Händel Fast Forward

"I'm not sure that there is a category for what Alony does. I'm not sure that there should be. Call it music." Graham Collier 

For some time every box has been too small for the music of the singer songwriter and composer Efrat Alony. Her music is characterized by venturing across borders and exciting balancing acts. She says, "I love challenges in order to learn from them and to consistently challence my boundaries. Because boundaries are not strictly defined but can be shifted." 


Together with an excellent German jazz trio she explores in a completely new way arias from "Theodora", "Lucrezia", "Ottone" or "Saul". Her new project "Händel Fast Forward" discovers an imaginative door to Händel's musical world - playfully, from crazy re-harmonisations to free improvisation up to lyrical echoes.