two multiplied by four

...deep brass is mixed with a weightless lively clarinet.” 

Oliver Leicht [Acht.]

[Acht.] is not only the title of Oliver Leicht’s debut CD but also the name of his ensemble. The quartet with Oliver Leicht (cl, as), Norbert Scholly (g), Ingmar Heller (b), Jens Düppe (dr) is supplemented by a second brass quartet: Christine Chapman (fr-h), Christian Jaksjo (euphonium), Klaus Heidenreich (tb), Ed Partyka (b-tb, tu)  


With his debut CD [Acht.] he presents himself as an improviser, composer and arranger. On the second release from his ensemble [Acht.] “Räume”, the Cologne based saxophonist and composer Oliver Leicht creates a new sound experience. The German word „Räume“ means rooms in the first place. But depending on the context it also can have the meaning of spaces and even moods. This is where the music on „Räume“ carries the listener: Into different rooms, moods and spaces. The eight compositions have a large variety of musical influences including chamber music, rock and electronic music. The extraordinary instrumentation of Jazz quartet plus low brass generates a beautiful sound, which is enriched and enhanced by the individuality of the performers. Because of the flexibility of the individual players in the ensemble and through the compositions of Oliver Leicht, the band can create a broad spectrum of different sound environments („Räume“) and flow between the worlds of jazz improvisation, chamber music and muscular orchestral brass orchestrations seamlessly.