Riccardo Del Fra

Sept Miniatures

Riccardo Del Fra will premiere his new composition "Sept miniatures" for wind quintet and jazz trio on November 8, 2023 at the theater of Fos-sur-Mer Le Théâtre de Fos - Scènes et Cinés Marseille. The work was commissioned by the quintette à vent de Marseille. The program includes other works by Riccardo Del Fra for wind quintet and trio, including "Une Douce Brise à la Pointe du Jour", which was re-edited this summer.

Flute: Laëtitia Lenck-Latil - Oboe: Patrice Barsey - Clarinet: Daniel Paloyan - Bassoon: Frédéric Baron - Horn: Julien Desplanque Piano: Carl-Henri Morisset - Percussion: Ariel Tessier - Double bass: Riccardo Del Fra


Dan Tepfer

CD Inventions / Reinventions

Way back in 1723, Johann Sebastian Bach composed his Two Part Inventionsto serve as keyboard exercises for his eldest son, Wilhelm Friedemann Bach. Since then, Bach’s Inventions has become a rite of passage for generations of keyboard players. It’s an essential building block for millions of musicians as they refine their mastery of harmony, rhythm, and technique. 300 years later, Dan Tepfer has taken the architecture of these exercises and used it as a jumping-off point for a new project out March 17 on StorySound: Inventions / Reinventions, an album featuring performances of each of Bach’s beloved 15 Two Part Inventions interleaved in sequence with nine of Tepfer’s own free improvisations in the “missing” keys to create a new full, and fully transporting, 24-key cycle.


Riccardo Del Fra

Mystery Galaxy

This symphonic composition by composer and double bassist Riccardo Del Fra is a successful blend of jazz and classical music. It is presented by Riccardo del Fra together with the participating orchestras Orchestre Symphonic de l'Opéra de Toulon, the Orchestre de Picardie, l'Orchestre de Pays de Savoie and his quintet with Matthieu Michel,tr - Rémi Fox, sax - Paul Lay, p and Ariel Tessier, dr.

23.03.2023 Amiens

24.03.2023 Chambly

26.03.2023 Monte Carlo

28.03.2023 Abbeville

30.03.2023 Soissons

31.3.2023 Noyons


Florian Hoefner Trio

CD Desert Bloom

In this sequel to his award-winning, Juno-nominated album, “First Spring,” German-Canadian pianist/composer Florian Hoefner delivers another powerhouse performance on “Desert Bloom”, to be released worldwide June 3rd on Alma Records. With striking new compositions and inspired arrangements, Hoefner’s hallmark lyricism and knack for suspenseful dramaturgy are on full display. With “Desert Bloom,” it is clear that Hoefner has taken complete advantage of the opportunity to deepen and strengthen his compositional craft. The result is an exceptional new album.

The trio will present the new album in Europe on a tour from June 7-11 and December 1 - 9, 2023.