Riccardo Del Fra Quintet

A very personal vision of Chet Baker's musical and poetical world 

My Chet My Song

With My Chet, My Song Riccardo del Fra offers his personal vision of Chet Bakers’s musical and poetical world; a rich universe of dreams and romance, light and magnetic. 


The incontrovertible standards cherished by this great artist and eternalised in his historical recordings, are intermingled with Riccardo’s original compositions inspired by Chet Baker. 


In his arrangements of Chet Baker’s pieces, Riccardo del Fra revisits them playing a musical game balancing subtlety between respect for tradition while engaging with today’s musical language. Riccardo Del Fra wrote about My Chet, My Song: With this project, I wanted to bring a new vision on the extraordinary experience of my personal musical history, but without nostalgia, to get back a music sublimated and ultimately new, far away from a style exercise or a fruitless remake.  


Inspired by the idea of metamorphosis, I wrote new music and arranged older ones to transfigure this universe in a naturally and organically modern framework, in particular through re-harmonisations, the play of variations, the changing of perspectives. This modernity is possible thanks also to the know-how of the talented musicians who surround me. These artists of different generations know well the tradition, but they are also sensitive and permeable to today’s world and to all kind of music that reaches us from everywhere. I’ve been always curious about other musical worlds and a supporter of all decompartmentalizing process. I am pleased to see that they have such curiosity in a natural way and that together we can play a music where poetry, imagination and energy coexist, to serve a fresh and uninhibited expression.”